Bearicaid Skin Sanitizing Wipes with Skinscreen EX

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Don't Get Sick!    Bearicaid Wipes away germs on the skin.  Specially developed for use by Schools, Athletes, Trainers and Coaches, First Responders, Doctors, and Child Care Providers.  Wipe Bearicaid directly on the skin to reduce bacteria that can potentially cause disease.  Effective against MRSA and ECOLI.  Embossed, heavy duty towel removes dirt and debris while it cleans and sanitizes skin.  Bearicaid Wipes are infused with Skinscreen EX's special blend to support healthy skin.  This helps prevent dry cracked skin which can lean to infection.  Also effective against EColi bacteria associated with Nausea, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Stomach Flu, Urinary Tract Infections, and Vomiting.  Stay healthy by knowing where bacteria live, and using Bearicaid on your skin regularly.  Meets CDC handwashing guidelines.  Recommended Safe for Daily Use.  Contains no Parabens, Triclosan, Phthalates, Sulfates or BZK.  Available in 50 Count Individually Wrapped or 150 Value Count Tub for the same low price.